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Healing Spring – 1 Gram THC Distillate Vape Cart (Fruit Flavoured)

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Healing Spring 1g vape carts offer you a very discreet and portable way to keep yourself medicated while not having to shout out to the world that you’re about to take a hit. Link to strain specific carts!
Healing Spring Labratory gets the finest clearest distillate for their cartridges. All distillates are lab tested to check purity and cleanliness, this ensures the best possible product for our users. They then mix in natural and or artificial terpenes to create the flavour profile that we all enjoy in our vapes! The terpenes used will give the vape cartridges their unique profile and taste! These are all made and sourced locally, from the cartridges to the distillate and the terpenes. Healing Spring 1G vape carts come in quite a variety of flavours! Pick your favourites. These 1g carts screw onto any 510 battery that you already have or you can grab one of our Verified Nova batteries, these batteries have a pre heat setting plus 2 heat/volt settings to choose from.